Starrett 3259-12 Stainless Steel Dual Post Dial Height Gage, 0-12″ Graduation Range, 0.001″ Graduation

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The Starrett stainless steel dual post dial height gauge has up/down counters that can be reset, a hand-operated feed wheel, a carbide-tipped scriber, and a glare-free rust-resistant, satin chrome finish. The dial gauge has distinct, easily read figures for precise measurement in gradations of 0.001″. A lock holds the slide in position. Two separate digital counters register upward and downward travel. Zero setting capability resets to zero at any point for easy reading without special calculations. The gauge is lowered and raised smoothly and evenly on the dual beams by a hand-operated feed wheel with coarse and fine adjustment. The included scriber, used to mark position on the workpiece, is carbide-tipped for hardness and long life. The satin chrome finish on the scales resists rust and is glare-free. The base is ergonomically shaped for ease of handling and is hardened, ground, and lapped for maximum flatness.

Height gauges, sometimes referred to as gages, are precision measuring instruments that travel on a vertical column (also called the beam) to measure and/or mark the vertical distance from the base of an object in fine units. The vertical position of the gauge and its attached pointer are changed by turning a calibrated screw, or one or more feed wheels. Recorded rotations are read from a scale, a dial, counters, and/or an electronic display. A screw clamp holds the pointer to the gauge. The pointer is typically sharpened to act as a scriber, and can be used to mark a position on a workpiece by scratching its surface. On compatible units, the scriber may be replaced by an electronic touch-signal probe. Height gauges are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering.

The L.S. Starrett Company manufactures precision measuring tools, metrology and testing equipment, and saw blade products. The company, founded in 1880, is headquartered in Athol, MA.

Dual stainless steel beams for strength

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