Height Indicator Tape Ruler. Made in USA.

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Posh Rulers Height Indicator Tapes are made in the USA. Made of a high-tech material suitable for indoor or outdoor applications in all weather conditions. Posh Rulers have a long usable product life (minimum 5 years). Examples of indoor uses are in schools, gymnasiums, hospitals, doctors, vet surgeries (yes because this tape starts from 0 a veterinarian can use the tape to measure various animals heights), and family home settings. The tapes 1 1/2 inch width enables our height indicator tape to apply to the side of window, door, or sliding door frames. The material is also highly durable in the sense that it can be applied to curved surfaces (such as poles or work benches). The sides of the tape can easily curve and stick to round edges. The tape can even be applied to wall corners, with the left side of the tape on one wall and the right side bent 90 degrees and stuck to the other wall corner. Lastly, household scissors can easily cut the tape to length if it is too high/tall. Steps to apply: the easiest way to apply your tape is to start from the bottom of your floor. As shown in one of the pictures, simply align the bottom of the tape (which is cut to exactly zero) with the bottom of your floor and then gradually apply the tape in an upwards fashion 1-3 inches at a time. DO NOT STRETCH. JUST APPLY & RUB IN FIRM. The special material incorporates air release technology which means that any creases are easily rubbed smooth. A common household ruler may assist in applying vertically straight. The tape can be peeled back off and applied straighter again, just be sure not to stretch the material. The material is non-rippable. Thank you for considering Posh Rulers. Posh Rulers is a trademark of Posh Lines and we are proud to have our tape made in the USA.Made in USA

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