GemRed Smart Tool Set GR905 (Angle Gauge GRSET905)

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GemRed Smart Tool Set GR905 (82412 Digital Protractor Level Box+81015 Digital Depth Gauge)

82412 Level box provides relative and absolute measurements as well as zero setting to any position. Extra LCD is convenient to read. Small and light, it is real easy to be carried and used. Measuring plane contains disk magnet which can be attached to the surface to be measured. It is especially easy to measure the pitch of helicopter, bevel angle of miter saw, automobile test and repair and so on.

GemRed Digital Depth Guage Height Gauge for Router Table
Technical data:
Measuring Range:0~80mm (0~3 1/8″ )
Hole Depth:0~50.8mm(0~2″ )
Working Temperature:0°C~+50°C
Working Humidity:< =85%RH
Working Currency:

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